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I'm just someone who enjoys knowing a little about my local area, and helping others to learn about theirs too.

If you'd like to contribute to this website, please get in touch.

Discover the Rich History of Kanturk Castle in County Cork, Ireland

Kanturk Castle, located in County Cork, Ireland, is a magnificent architectural marvel with a rich history that spans centuries. This article delves into the fascinating history of Kanturk Castle, its construction, and its significance in Irish culture. As we explore this iconic landmark, we’ll uncover its origins, its prominent residents, and its enduring...

The Púca: A Shape-Shifting Trickster in Irish Folklore

The Púca, also known as Phooka, Pooka, or Puca, is a captivating figure in Irish mythology. Known for its shape-shifting abilities and mischievous nature, the Púca is one of the most elusive and intriguing characters in the vast landscape of Irish folklore. This article will explore the Púca’s origins, its various forms, the myths surrounding it, and its role...